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Fairytale Apocalypse (The Verge #1)
Jacqueline Patricks
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Angel awaits her Knight in Shining Armour ~ Dreams do come True
Angel awaits her Knight in Shining Armour ~ Dreams do come True
My Prince. My Knight. My everything
My Prince. My Knight. My everything

Hello destiny. I'm your destiny. we are one

Fairytale Apocalypse  (The Verge #1) - Jacqueline Patricks

bookshelves: action, bond, compelling, drama, dreams, fantasy, favorites, fiction, friiendship, kindle, lost-love, magic, paranormal, reveiws, romance, sadness, survival, time-travel

Recommended for: Everyone that enjoys fairytales

Recommended by Jacqueline Patricks
Read from August 16 to 23, 2014

'mythology- a collection of myths, fantasies, fairytales'
Destiny more real than love!! What does destiny mean - has she found her destiny, is he her destiny and are they destined to be one?


Just how far would you go for your destiny? Would you search Heaven&Hell to find your destiny or will you travel to alternative worlds? Would you fight wars to rescue your destiny? Is there only one path that leads us to our destiny and what exactly is destiny anyway?



"No one is too old for fairytales, dreams do come true -you just gotta believe. Have faith, trust your inner wisdom and let it guide you towards the correct path that leads right down to your soul."


I was so excited to be able to read this beautiful tale. Jacqueline certainly has a unique talent that makes books come alive.
Every page, every sentence the words speak volumes to you. It was such a smooth read, even tho there were quite a number of heart clenching moments from time to time. I found it difficult putting this book down and I just didn't want this to end. I can't wait to read the second book in the series

Well done Jacqueline, you have done it again


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Breathtaking and so talented

Alan Price and the Colossus of Rhodes (The Nephilim Chronicles Book 1) - Jonathan Yanez

Jonathan Yanez is one outstanding Author, an amazing person. His stories that he creates are out of this world and after the first couple of pages, 'you don't just read, you experience it - just like you've got a film playing within'




I'm so proud of you Jonathan, and I just adored meeting Angel - Angelic, her strength and I just wish I could be her in real, thank you sweetheart. This was a fab book and just can't wait to read more.

Fab short novel, highly recommended

X - Jack Croxall

This was such a terrific read, got stuck into it straight away and it's such a page turner. Very unusual, but Jack has done this in such a way, it sounds as tho X is actually talking to you, whilst your reading her journal and because I don't always get to read the book description, it's always a pleasant surprise not knowing quite what to expect.



I found this to be extremely gripping and I just want more of this, wish it was longer Jack. Writing is excellent, real smooth, just like I have already mentioned to you, making it such a quick and easy read.



Thanks so much for inviting me to your event. Hope to read more stories from you in the near future. Well done my sweetheart.


marked 4.5 stars

WILD FIRE - I'm hot baby, steaming

Six Hot Alphas, One Bad Girl - Sookie Sabre
bookshelves: adult, blood, dreams, erotica, fantasy, lgbt-romance, mystery, quick-reads, reveiws, supernatural, survival, vampire
Recommended by: Sookie Sabre
Recommended for: Anyone that likes a good sexy read, that's 'Right out there'
Read on June 06, 2014

PHEW!! Talking bout explicit, def not 50 Shades thankfully, but will most certainly blow some minds with this number my precious. Such A Hot and An Extremely Spicy read.

Chantelle Vera Ashburn so wicked, such a 'Bitch', so dirty, but extremely careful and cunning. Such a quick read and the writing is wonderful I must say, you have really out done yourself with this one. I wouldn't usually read something like this if I didn't know you, but this is as explicit as I can read.

But, but then comes the exciting bit...Dario!! eyes WIDE OPEN....Ooh,,, what is next, you might wonder!! "Run little kitty....RUN run as fast as you can" this is getting to be dark., OMG I was not expecting this twist in the tale, it's wonderful, it's so powerful and 'It's all out there' just like you pre-warned me. But nothing like this, I'm loving it, especially with Dario at home.

I can't believe this is the same girl that I found, Sookie has come on heaps in such a short time and I'm extremely impressed with this one, even tho I wouldn't usually read anything quite like this.

Like I have always promised, you keep going like this and you will most definitely be going BIG, going places.

I really enjoyed this and talk bout 'WILD FIRE', well I was def on fire here and I'm so mighty proud of you completly Sookie, well done

Your faithful friend


You know it's naughty, you know it's forbidden, but you're so in love and love always wins in the end. 'love conquers all',

The Duke in Denial (Scandal in Sussex) - Alexandra Ainsworth

Sometimes you meet that special someone, even tho you know it's forbidden, you can't help falling for them. Sometimes you don't even understand what that strong attraction is, but you are drawn to them completely, just like they have put a spell on you and, no matter how much you try to, you just can't ignore that emotion. But tbh, if you ever really wanna be happy, truly truly happy, quite often you just gotta take notice of those emotions and react on them, as they will not go away that easy, before it's too late as lifes to short.

I was extremely excited about reading this most wonderful book, the cover is magnificent and the story is terrific. I always judge a book by its cover, before I even read the outline of the story, so quite often it's always a pleasant surprise and I would recommend this for all those that like historical romance.

I want to express my thanks to you Alexander for offering this to us, so gave me an opportunity of winning a copy for an honest review, also for letting me forward onto a few of my Author friends. I will definitely read more from you in the hopefully near future, so please make sure you carry on creating these staggering stories. Writing is terrific, well done.

This is such a heart warming and amusing read, certainly is a page turner, and one that you just can't put down at all. The two main Characters in this story are so magnificent, feel as tho I'm there with them, they are so nice. Alex has done this in such an unique and sensational way, you can actually sense being in Sussex and walking through all the back streets.

Really enjoyed everybit of that, I will miss them entirely. At least, it works out in the end for everyone, atleast those that mattered anyhow.

True love, the one and only first real love

Feel Me (Come Back to Me) - Marcella Louanna

Such a sweet read, certainly is hot and steamy.


I would like to say a quick thanks to you Marcella for offering this to us in BL, so I had the oppurtunity of winning this short novel for an honest review. Such a lovely, sexy read. Finished reading it within half hour.

Definitely can't wait for your next novel 'Taste Me'.

Best friend forgotten
Best friend forgotten
"If we were all like angels, the world would be a heavenly place."

Another sensational adventure from Billy

Iron Flower (Legend of the Iron Flower Book Two) - Billy Wong
After winning this second book via LT, I got really involved in this series and I must say I really did enjoy every moment. You most certainly need to read Iron Bloom (Legend of the Iron Flower Book One) first just like I had to, and I'm so glad that I did. They are filled with heart-throbbing action and adventure, magic, friendship, companionship and loss.

I adored Rose straight away. Such a strong, powerful and unique woman; just wish I could be that strong tbh, you get so involved into the storyline. Rose has most certainly got her heart in the right place, she thinks more of others than she does herself. Surprisingly after all the wars that she's encountered and all the injuries she herself has suffered, Rose keeps on coming back for more and even tho she doesn't agree with battles, she doesn't like anyone getting hurt so she protects; she's a born Warrior and protector and I believe she gets tougher all the time.

Thanks Billy for putting this into LT, so I had an opportunity to read and review this amazing story of yours. I will be most definitely be catching up with Rose again hopefully in the next series.

A choice not made is quite possibly the worst, react quick or pay the consequences'. - She's so invincible,

Iron Bloom (Legend of the Iron Flower Book One) - Billy Wong
bookshelves: actionadventureattackbondcompelling,disasterfantasyfavoritesfriiendshiphorrorlost-lovemilitary-actionreveiwssurvivalsuspense-action-thrillertorture,teenager 
Recommended to Blondie by: Billy Wong via LT
Recommended for: Everyone who loves fast paced, action fantasies
Read from May 08 to 12, 2014


The Prodogy, Roses destiny


strong women, Rose is a warrior and protector. Fast and furious.

Stabbed and been stabbed, how many more times I'm gonna be stabbed before they kill me?

Gotta do things right, to make everything alright, even if you get stabbed many times

Two down, one hundred and thirty something to go now thankfully.

"Want to be the head of my new guard? I'll have to get one, now that you killed them all."

Alicia, is she her twin or what? for she's just as invincible as Rose.

Billy, this is a fab series. I'm really in my element. I love this kind of story, that's filled with heart-throbbing action.

After receiving the second in the series of Iron Bloom, it just felt right in reading this first one before hand and I'm so glad that I have, wouldn't of missed it for anything. Onto book number two that you so kindly put into LT, thanks. X


Twists, action, drama and extremly emotional that holds a lot of magic

Fire: Nimue's Destiny (Children of Avalon) - Meredith Bond

Recommended to Blondie~♔ by: Meredith Bond
Recommended for: Fantasy, adventure and drama addicts
Read from May 08 to 10, 2014


Plenty of twists, stacks and stacks of action. Loads of drama. Very emotional, but does it work out in the end?

"I'm sorry I froze you, I can't help it. Maybe it's becaz you made me angry or is it jealousy". 

Not following, but pursuing us.

Imagine being able to heal at the slightest touch, welding limbs back together again without the need of surgery?

It was super to meet up with the children of Avalon, and of course, my all time favourite, Sir Dagonet whom I most definately adore. Also it was fab meeting the brothers again, their relationship with one another is tremendous. 

Once again, every fight they encountered was extremly noisy, just as it was happening nearby that you could see and hear all the action taking place. 

What I adore about Merry is just how smooth her writing is, it's exceptional. I'm so addicted to her books and I must say following Skai, Bridget, Dylan and Sir Dagonet on their travels have been absolutely wonderful, even tho it's been almighty exhausting to say the least.

Your my Heart, my soul, my everything. You're mine, I'm yours. You're me, I'm you. Together we are one. I love you so much babe

The Final Goodbye - Holly Newhouse

Marked 3.5 Stars



I would like to say thanks to you Holly for offering this to us via LT, mainly so I had the chance of winning this in exchange of an honest review.

It's an ok read, but unfortunately there are quite a number of errors within the book; maybe that was becaz it's a PDF version of the book, hope so! But becaz of this reason, it didn't quite make 4 stars, almost did tho. The other reason why it didn't quite make 4, was that there were chapters that I just couldn't read, for example Johns!! I just couldn't bring myself to read those, I found then
extremely disturbing, but maybe that's just me.



i have since been In touch with Holly and she's now in the process of re-editing.  She's also sent me a message saying just how grateful she is to me.

But your so right bout the artist, this cover is spectacular, it's truly amazing. What I'd love to see tho, is the one on the Hot Air Ballon....

Source: http://www.librarything.com/addbooks

Are you ready to start your life again, new identity, new you?

Aetna Adrift: The Complete Story - Erik Wecks
It's wonderful when you recieve gifts from friends and when you also win stuff. I am so addicted to books, even more so than watching a good film on television, reading thoughts and ideas that people and friends have created.

A lot of these wonderful and sensational books you get so addicted to, you just fall into other worlds so much it just makes it feel as tho this is happening to you yourself. But quite often if the book is that good, and you find yourself so engrossed into the story, you can actually see and hear all the action; so it's usually better than just watching a film, just by letting the imagination run wild.

'Stand on the X"

Pilotless taxis that can hover, wow I'm so in my element.

Couples that had spend their whole relationship in their heads, but have never actually met in RL

Could you actually go on holiday by not even leaving your home? Your human form has the ability to change into another animal?

You have to leave your old life behind completely, you will be born again, you will hold a new identity - new name, speak differently, be somebody else but not the old you., could you manage all that?

You might suddenly get to meet someone that's exactly like you in every single way possible, and that's when you suddenly wake up to yourself. Realise you can't carry on living your life like that, you've got to grow up, you've got to make that one biggest decision of your life if your ever gonna be happy or not.

I would like to say a big thanks to you Erik for offering this to us at BL giving me this opportunity to read your work.