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Survival of the fittest

Thrive: Codex (Parts 1 - 5) - Jonathan Yanez
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'True friends will fight for you, true friends protect you and will never let you down"

The Journey into the unknown and the truth is out there somewhere, you've just gotta be brave and we will all survive. We have just gotta get the message across somehow and it's all in Jerrick's bag.


'Thrive - to serve the city and there's no turning back'

Was given this to read from Jonathan for an honest review and it was quite a pleasant surprise and a honor, so thanks sweetheart I thoughly enjoyed this.

The writing is so clear making it such a quick and easy read, I thought the story was really good, very interesting and it's such a page turner, you get so involved into the book.

What is the truth behind the city and why was Robert removed, taken to the wall? What lies beyond the wall? Where does everyone go, only never to return again? What secrets are they hiding?