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Water: Excalibur's Return (Children of Avalon) - Meredith Bond



First of all I would like to express my thanks to you Merry for giving me this to read for an honest review and I have to admit just how much I enjoyed this series. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of their travels, it really did feel as tho I was there with them, and I felt an extremely strong connection to Dylan.

This series is so strong, such a powerful and wonderful story, one I think should be made into a film.

It was brill catching up with Sir Dagonet, Skai, Bridget and Dylan. This is such a page turner, reading so fast, one you cannot put down at all as you need to know just whats gonna happen next, and who will eventually win.
As with the first in the series, I just adore Sir Dagonet, hes so funny in ways which he doesn't mean to be funny. There are some sad and tension breaking moments within the story. They keep encountering strange happenings along the way, that keeps you on your toes so much that your actually holding your breath until it's over.

Am hoping to catch up with them again real soon, as I do so much love each and everyone of them. So well done my sweetheart and a big hearty thanks once again Merry.

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