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Nightmares of the Queen: Book Two of the Brajj (Volume 2) - Jacqueline Patricks

Recommended by: Jacqueline Patricks
Recommended for: Science fiction fans and those who like action adventure

After reading the first in the series Dreams of the Queen: Book One of the Brajj (science fiction, adventure, romance) I found my element, I realised just how much I love Science Fiction. This story was so fantastic.
"Is time travel possible? Can we open a portal to the past or find a shortcut to the future? Can we ultimately use the laws of nature to become masters of time itself?"

"Fast paced action, especially when two souls are fighting within one body and it always takes one true friend to help you find your way, to realise the truth, knowing that one friend will never leave your side ever.

Thanks for giving me a copy of this awesome story of yours in exchange for an honest review, I'm really devouring this, it's so magnificent. This is just like watching a film Jacqueline, Just can't put this down at all, but I'm exhausted to say the least.

I just adore Jeamon. He's so gentle, so beautiful, so dreamy. I'm pretty sure that he is really an angel and he's still my favourite. I'm so in love with him.
Will Jeamon and Cass ever be together again, and will they ever find that inner peace in Paradise both their hearts truly yearn for? But Cass & Jules are married!! That can't be right, he still feels very wrong. Very, very wrong indeed. But she has never felt so loved this strong by anyone before and he was quite the lover, or was he?
What happened in those missing years? Only a week had gone by surely? Why all the secrecy? What are they hiding?

You are mirror reflections of one another, circling each other in a joined orbit - your doppelganger is closer than you think! Whose the insane one? Souls can never be destroyed, but how do you save them when they are being possessed by another?

The sacrifice was so intense, I stopped breathing and my eyes have never burnt so much