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What a fantasy, what a dream. It's Wolfman

Wolfman Fantasies - Sookie Sabre
Very slight erotica

We all had fantasies when we were younger, all had those dreams. I dreamt that one day I would meet my Prince, who would whisk me away to a Faraway Land and we would live happily ever after, but then I awaken and it's back to reality. But can dreams ever come true?

Once in a while, during your magical lifetime on this planet, you get to meet a stranger - but is he a stranger? Have you met before in a faraway land? Is this stranger your Prince maybe?

"Well done Sookie. This was such a sweet little tale, read it within an hour wondering whether Violet would ever get to meet her dream man.

Enjoy yourself creating these stories, have lots and lots of fun and I do wish you all the luck on your chosen career as a writer.