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Magic and anything related to it had become a part of my life, I am Vallen, I'm not a Witch.

Air: Merlin's Chalice (The Children of Avalon) - Meredith Bond

Recommended by: Meredith Bond
Recommended for: Everyone that enjoys Fairytales with quite abit of adventure thrown in

I would like to say a real big thanks to you Merideth for inviting me to your event, and giving me this opportunity to read such a magical fantasy.

And what a fantasy this was, you certainly get thrown into the world of magic. We get to meet some of the nicest Vallen people, the Children of Avalon and the most bravest and gentlest knight that ever lived, Sir Dagonet. The fight that he encountered was so amusing, it's just a tad bit loud but that's only to be expected.
This is such a magical world; with lots of amazing sights like flying rocks, Dylan changing into a fish because he's connected to water. Skai, who is connected to air, being able to change into a bird and Bridget whose a healer, is strongly tied to the element of fire.

Plenty of action, plenty of twists and loads of magic.
Who is Lady Nimuë and how did she become the Lady of the Lake? Who will find the fabled Merlin's Chalice first? Who will eventually be the ruler of the world of Vallen and maybe the human world as well?
Cannot wait to see what happens next to the Children of Avalon, will they survive? Will they ever find peace?

"Kisses can be dangerous, kisses can be empowering, it only takes one small kiss to be lethal"

"Love conquers all. When you are in love, you will always know how each other feels, especially if they are your soul mate."