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Really terrific unusual story, not horrific at all

The White Wolf: The Hunts I (The hunts, #1) - Vardan Partamyan

Recommended by: Vardan Partamyan

First off I would like to commend Vardan on a job well done, the writing was really good, I'm throughly impressed.

I was quite intrigued about the event that he invited me to regarding his book that I had to read it straight away and I'm glad that I did.

Little bit sceptical about the cover, but I still thought that I'd give it try. The first page was quite hard, but then as soon as I got into the story I really really enjoyed it and found it quite a nice, but even though extremely unusual, story and I definitely be reading the rest in the series.

I found the little girl quite nice, very amusing in a unusual way inwhich I couldn't understand at first, and then the further on towards the ending, it comes clear and I understood why I was so drawn to her. The white wolf was an extremly terrific character and can't wait to catch up with him again.

Overall, I would say short and; very unusual not at least what I expected, really nice. But there again, I have come to understand what to expect from Vardan as I do enjoy his creativity and imagination.

A big THANKS Vardan on inviting me to your event

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