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Hot, scorching. You will soon be on fire

It Is Time and Other Stories - Anna Bayes

Recommended by: Anna Bayes
Recommended for: All Romantics, that enjoys gentle erotica

Anna, Anna, Anna. What are you doing to me? This is magnificent, this is amazing, this is scorching. I'm on fire here, I'm so hot. Love it, really enjoying reading your stories and even tho I dnt usually read Erotica, Anna you certainly got a unique style of writing.

There's always a story behind these stories and one that will stay with you. She's such a clever and genius artist. I say artist becaz you dnt just write stories you create these amazing stories. She's certainly got her own style of creativity.

Loving these short stories Anna, but I absolutely adored the 'Love Letters - Yours, body and soul. This life and forever' and I will always be happy reading more from you my darling. Well done and keep on creating these amazing and wonderful stories.

The last story 'Lucy reborn' I absolutely loved like anything Anna, it was a fab read. But overall I did enjoy each and everyone of them. Thanks so much for giving me a copy to read for an honest review my sweetheart

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