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Hidden Destiny - W.A. Case

Recommended by: W.a. Case

Wendy asked if I would be interested in trying out her story for an honest review and I'm so glad that I did. From the first couple of pages, I was thrown into other worlds I felt as if I were Angel herself, she was such a great character. The only bit within the story I found hard, extremely upsetting, was when she was getting abused by her father. Now that man I really hated so much, and I have never disliked a character this much before. But Zared, Angels Soul-Partner I really adored and then there was Madoc, her Warrior.
The bond that they shared was amazing.

The war at the ending was really loud, so much action I was gripped on the edged of my seat just like I was watching a film and read it so fast. Slightly confused what happened on the last chapter, came as a sudden halt but I suppose becaz this is a series the second book will start where this one finished and I certainly can't wait to read the follow on.

Soul partners weather vampires, angels or just ordinary human beings are meant to be together, meant to be one and will eventually find away to come together no matter what happens in life.

Overall, really good work Wendy and thanks once again for giving me this opportunity to reading your book.

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