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How to be a Goddess - Sarah Nestler

This amazing and unique teenager has utterly blown me away.

Back in August, I got intouch with Sarah and she worked so hard to "Change Kindle territories to allow Great Britain" so thanks again my darling for doing that for us, I knew it was worth all the hard work and wait becaz this is a wonderful and beautiful book. I just couldn't put this one down at all, such a quick and easy read, certainly is a page turner even from page one.
The cover is so stunning Sarah.

Also I want to say Well done Tena for supporting Sarah the way you do, she's such an clever daughter you have got here. Sarah has worked tremendously hard on this book, just simply staggering, can't praise her enough.

It's a love story, but with a difference from the norm. 'Fire and ice'.

Katla turns into a beautiful, stunning goddess from just being a normal teenager.
"and to think my life used to be normal"
She meets Apollo and she cannot understand why they have such a strong bond, it's Riley her best friend - but is there actually more to just being best friends? Was it an accident that they met each other or was it fate?
"I have always had him to support me. He was my lifesaver and whenever I needed him he was there"

.I can't wait to read more from you Sarah, keep up with your writing. You are so talented, the writing is perfect and I can honestly see you going far. .