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Dog Days of Dying - paramedic short story - Jacqueline Patricks


We start with the first emergency call the Paramedics receive, we get to feel all the heartbreak and tension. We get to sense the strong bond between the paramedics, how in tuned they are with one another - sometimes you dnt need to talk, to tell one another - all it takes is a concerned look, and then automatically you know just what each other is saying, thinking. Its sort of being like telepathy, you have be able trust your partner entirely - whichever emergency field you are in.

Sometimes tho things go slightly wrong. But if you can learn to trust your instincts, trust your partner, you can then hopefully change things around and put them right - better.

Thanks for telling me about your story, it was really good Jacqueline and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This was very emotional and even tho this book is a work of fiction, it's also sorta based on true events and I would recommend anyone that enjoys medical drama to read Dogs Days of Dying.

Jacqueline Patricks has been a medic for over 21 years and I can clearly understand why she loves doing this exhausting job, everyday can be different. Jacqueline is also one terrific author and one amazing lady.

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