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One of the best heartclenching stories that should win an award.

Steam & Shadows (The Steampunk Files) - Jonathan Yanez

Recommended to Blondie~♔ by: Jonathan Yanez
Recommended for: Everyone
Read in May, 2014


"'ll tell you what you want to know. I did electrocute you, after all"


Wanted dead or alive -

whats it like being in a real time western. Read this and your in one yourself.

Blomin Nora this is fantastic, you can sense being out in the out backs, all the ranches,. What an amazing life Jack has had with his father, living out in the out backs - all that country, all that pure air.
I'm loving Aareth, seems a strong magnificent figer of a man and hes so stubborn and amusing. Hes funny without meaning to be funny and hes so honest, think I could really fall heavy for a fella like that, but his heart only holds for one that's long gone.

Loved the Gladiators fight, haha Harrison pumped with all that artificial iron was still no match for Sloane... What a truly amazing petite lady, no wonder everyone adores her and it's no surprise why she was chosen to protect.

You get to see the first ever Locomotive inwhich they've never seen one before, never even heard of 'Electricity', where they encounter gangsters on the tracks.....but should they slow down? or "Let me at least talk to them. We owe them that much before we try to run them over. I mean"

Jonathan let me have a copy of this magnificent read as a thank you present and what a gift this was. I always judge a book by its cover, even though it's reasonably naughty, so quite often it's a pleasant surprise. But I have got to know quite a few of authors and I tend to only read whom I know, even tho sometimes I seek others once in awhile. But with Jonathan I am most certainly addicted and he never lets me down.

There are loads and loads of twists within this sensational read, that will grip you immediately even from the first page. You get thrown into this book, makes you feel as tho it's happening to you yourself. Such a page turner, reading so fast you are most certainly left exhausted.

This is most certainly a heart-clenching story, one which will leave you breathless completely and blinded with tears, especially at the end. But there are plenty of laughs and smiles within the book to keep you engrossed entirely.

I wish to express the biggest ever thanks to you Jonathan for giving me this to read, I loved and lived every second, breathed and even stopped breathing for a while. Can't wait to read more of your terrific and amazing stories. Well done sweetheart.