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The insane are now sane and those who were sane are now insane....this is madness gone mad!!

A Journal of the Crazy Year - Forrest  Carr
Recommended to Blondie~♔ by: Forrest Carr
Recommended for: Anyone who likes zombie - Horror - science fiction - thriller
Read from December 15 to 22, 2013


Crazy people wake up to be perfectly normal & healthy.-Normal & healthy people suddenly go crazy.- [Victims of the living dead], Dec 22 2013

"This is an Emergency Alert System message from the New Mexico State Police"
- 'The Government has declared a state of Public Health Emergency' -

"How does it make you feel to be the last nutball locked up in America?- I figure we've got two months left to live, max.- Wanna play checkers?"

What is going on exactly? Where did those missing years go? Whats this place?
Why am I here? Where is everybody? Why am I wearing a mans diaper?
I'm normal aren't I?? Crazy!! The worlds gone even more crazy in the past 3 years and they've locked me up becaz I'm not crazy!!'
Whats this world coming to? whats causing this to happen? Whys this happening?
Is there a cure?
Poor John couldn't understand whats going on! He started grieving, just went Crazy, then suddenly awakens as if nothing's ever happened, only to find out hes been locked up inside an institution for the past 3 years!!

Did this happen just becaz of a Comet? Just becaz of the strange side effects? This is worse than the apocalypse, - this was the day from Hell!!
We've been swallowed by the Pit,- having been consigned here for all our sins. 'The End Is Near'

We stand condemned, with no hope of salvation

'Hell is the absence of hope. If you still have hope, your not in Hell.'
But if you are in Hell, is there hope!!

You see your psychiatrist, Dr. Patel and he tells you "Ok, now stick out your tongue to its furthest extension, so I can stick it with this rusty pin"- What do you do??

Quite different to what I normally would read, but it's wasn't hard to follow the story at all.
A number of twists in this which I thoroughly enjoyed and found very intriguing.

Very surprising ending, quite unusual, wasn't what I expected to happen atall.

So if you like Sci-Fi - horror - zombie, you will enjoy 'A Journal of a Crazy Year'

Also, if you have ever watched 'Night Of The Comet'-you can watch on YouTube, you will enjoy this book.

I received a copy of this book for an honest review, and this was magnificent. I know this will stay with me for a while, it was certainly a page turner, so hard to put down.
I can also see a lot of research and study went into this book, so well done Forrest and thanks so much in giving me this opportunity to read a copy of your book. I can't wait to read more of your outstanding work.