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Are you ready to start your life again, new identity, new you?

Aetna Adrift: The Complete Story - Erik Wecks
It's wonderful when you recieve gifts from friends and when you also win stuff. I am so addicted to books, even more so than watching a good film on television, reading thoughts and ideas that people and friends have created.

A lot of these wonderful and sensational books you get so addicted to, you just fall into other worlds so much it just makes it feel as tho this is happening to you yourself. But quite often if the book is that good, and you find yourself so engrossed into the story, you can actually see and hear all the action; so it's usually better than just watching a film, just by letting the imagination run wild.

'Stand on the X"

Pilotless taxis that can hover, wow I'm so in my element.

Couples that had spend their whole relationship in their heads, but have never actually met in RL

Could you actually go on holiday by not even leaving your home? Your human form has the ability to change into another animal?

You have to leave your old life behind completely, you will be born again, you will hold a new identity - new name, speak differently, be somebody else but not the old you., could you manage all that?

You might suddenly get to meet someone that's exactly like you in every single way possible, and that's when you suddenly wake up to yourself. Realise you can't carry on living your life like that, you've got to grow up, you've got to make that one biggest decision of your life if your ever gonna be happy or not.

I would like to say a big thanks to you Erik for offering this to us at BL giving me this opportunity to read your work.