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The Final Goodbye - Holly Newhouse

Marked 3.5 Stars



I would like to say thanks to you Holly for offering this to us via LT, mainly so I had the chance of winning this in exchange of an honest review.

It's an ok read, but unfortunately there are quite a number of errors within the book; maybe that was becaz it's a PDF version of the book, hope so! But becaz of this reason, it didn't quite make 4 stars, almost did tho. The other reason why it didn't quite make 4, was that there were chapters that I just couldn't read, for example Johns!! I just couldn't bring myself to read those, I found then
extremely disturbing, but maybe that's just me.



i have since been In touch with Holly and she's now in the process of re-editing.  She's also sent me a message saying just how grateful she is to me.

But your so right bout the artist, this cover is spectacular, it's truly amazing. What I'd love to see tho, is the one on the Hot Air Ballon....

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