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A choice not made is quite possibly the worst, react quick or pay the consequences'. - She's so invincible,

Iron Bloom (Legend of the Iron Flower Book One) - Billy Wong
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Recommended to Blondie by: Billy Wong via LT
Recommended for: Everyone who loves fast paced, action fantasies
Read from May 08 to 12, 2014


The Prodogy, Roses destiny


strong women, Rose is a warrior and protector. Fast and furious.

Stabbed and been stabbed, how many more times I'm gonna be stabbed before they kill me?

Gotta do things right, to make everything alright, even if you get stabbed many times

Two down, one hundred and thirty something to go now thankfully.

"Want to be the head of my new guard? I'll have to get one, now that you killed them all."

Alicia, is she her twin or what? for she's just as invincible as Rose.

Billy, this is a fab series. I'm really in my element. I love this kind of story, that's filled with heart-throbbing action.

After receiving the second in the series of Iron Bloom, it just felt right in reading this first one before hand and I'm so glad that I have, wouldn't of missed it for anything. Onto book number two that you so kindly put into LT, thanks. X