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Another sensational adventure from Billy

Iron Flower (Legend of the Iron Flower Book Two) - Billy Wong
After winning this second book via LT, I got really involved in this series and I must say I really did enjoy every moment. You most certainly need to read Iron Bloom (Legend of the Iron Flower Book One) first just like I had to, and I'm so glad that I did. They are filled with heart-throbbing action and adventure, magic, friendship, companionship and loss.

I adored Rose straight away. Such a strong, powerful and unique woman; just wish I could be that strong tbh, you get so involved into the storyline. Rose has most certainly got her heart in the right place, she thinks more of others than she does herself. Surprisingly after all the wars that she's encountered and all the injuries she herself has suffered, Rose keeps on coming back for more and even tho she doesn't agree with battles, she doesn't like anyone getting hurt so she protects; she's a born Warrior and protector and I believe she gets tougher all the time.

Thanks Billy for putting this into LT, so I had an opportunity to read and review this amazing story of yours. I will be most definitely be catching up with Rose again hopefully in the next series.