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You know it's naughty, you know it's forbidden, but you're so in love and love always wins in the end. 'love conquers all',

The Duke in Denial (Scandal in Sussex) - Alexandra Ainsworth

Sometimes you meet that special someone, even tho you know it's forbidden, you can't help falling for them. Sometimes you don't even understand what that strong attraction is, but you are drawn to them completely, just like they have put a spell on you and, no matter how much you try to, you just can't ignore that emotion. But tbh, if you ever really wanna be happy, truly truly happy, quite often you just gotta take notice of those emotions and react on them, as they will not go away that easy, before it's too late as lifes to short.

I was extremely excited about reading this most wonderful book, the cover is magnificent and the story is terrific. I always judge a book by its cover, before I even read the outline of the story, so quite often it's always a pleasant surprise and I would recommend this for all those that like historical romance.

I want to express my thanks to you Alexander for offering this to us, so gave me an opportunity of winning a copy for an honest review, also for letting me forward onto a few of my Author friends. I will definitely read more from you in the hopefully near future, so please make sure you carry on creating these staggering stories. Writing is terrific, well done.

This is such a heart warming and amusing read, certainly is a page turner, and one that you just can't put down at all. The two main Characters in this story are so magnificent, feel as tho I'm there with them, they are so nice. Alex has done this in such an unique and sensational way, you can actually sense being in Sussex and walking through all the back streets.

Really enjoyed everybit of that, I will miss them entirely. At least, it works out in the end for everyone, atleast those that mattered anyhow.