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WILD FIRE - I'm hot baby, steaming

Six Hot Alphas, One Bad Girl - Sookie Sabre
bookshelves: adult, blood, dreams, erotica, fantasy, lgbt-romance, mystery, quick-reads, reveiws, supernatural, survival, vampire
Recommended by: Sookie Sabre
Recommended for: Anyone that likes a good sexy read, that's 'Right out there'
Read on June 06, 2014

PHEW!! Talking bout explicit, def not 50 Shades thankfully, but will most certainly blow some minds with this number my precious. Such A Hot and An Extremely Spicy read.

Chantelle Vera Ashburn so wicked, such a 'Bitch', so dirty, but extremely careful and cunning. Such a quick read and the writing is wonderful I must say, you have really out done yourself with this one. I wouldn't usually read something like this if I didn't know you, but this is as explicit as I can read.

But, but then comes the exciting bit...Dario!! eyes WIDE OPEN....Ooh,,, what is next, you might wonder!! "Run little kitty....RUN run as fast as you can" this is getting to be dark., OMG I was not expecting this twist in the tale, it's wonderful, it's so powerful and 'It's all out there' just like you pre-warned me. But nothing like this, I'm loving it, especially with Dario at home.

I can't believe this is the same girl that I found, Sookie has come on heaps in such a short time and I'm extremely impressed with this one, even tho I wouldn't usually read anything quite like this.

Like I have always promised, you keep going like this and you will most definitely be going BIG, going places.

I really enjoyed this and talk bout 'WILD FIRE', well I was def on fire here and I'm so mighty proud of you completly Sookie, well done

Your faithful friend